2. Data Audit

DataTalk will complete a thorough audit of the data held by the client in terms of both scope and quality. If necessary, recommendations may be made to clean, enhance or collect additional data.

3. Exploration

A preliminary exploration of the data adds value to the analysis process by:
* · Providing clues to areas in which further investigation would yield the greatest impact enabling analysis to be better targeted
* · Providing additional insights which may not have been included in the original analysis plan
4. Benchmarking

DataTalk are able to generate a number of validated reports in order to appropriately benchmark a client's performance both internally and against that of its competitors. This process adds value by recognising both where improvements can be made and which are the unique opportunities. DataTalk also have experience in constructing and setting meaningful internal targets to facilitate continuous improvement.

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1. Setting Objectives

DataTalk will work with the client to clearly identify the business objectives of the analysis. From defining the issues to be addressed to determining expectations of how conclusions will be used and implemented. We can then advise on which analytical option would be the most data efficient and cost effective.

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