1 Setting Objectives
DataTalk will work with the client to examine their expectations of the data in terms of what it currently provides, what it could provide and the future requirements of the business. This will enable objectives to be set relating to levels of hygiene, format, collection and enhancement
2 Cleansing

The level and type of data cleaning depends on the use and form of the data. Address data cleaning includes removal of duplicate records and expletives and matches records against the post office address file to ensure that addresses exist and are correct. All other types of data are audited, cleaned and formatted according to expected values.
3 Verification and Suppression

Data integrity is verified using a number of in house algorithms which test consistency. All name and address data is matched against the commonly available national suppression files.
4 Enhancement

Enhancement of current databases with additional variables can add much value to the data. For example, enabling greater choice of customer contact, improving customer targeting or providing more appropriate benchmarks. Variables can be created by analysts from the existing data or sourced from demographic and lifestyle profiling tools.

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